Time is a gift that most of us take for granted’ Cheryl Richardson

Time is more valuable than money because our time is limited. We don’t have an luxury to waste it. We need to invest our time, we should know the value of being alive.

Our habits and actions have a profound effect on our lives. If we spend hours watching bad tv show even we are not interested in or years relationship that make us unhappy, It means that we have a problem. Because life is not living in negativity or in laziness. There will no be plenty of time.

You should know your goals and know value of your time. Don’t give your precious time to stupid people because It is the greatest gift you can give someone. Know your worth and know the difference between what you are getting and what you deserve.

A few years ago, I was waisting my time to stupid things and thoughts. After I realized that, they don’t take me anywhere. I started to invest myself. Here are some tips to start investing in yourself.

Choose Positive Shows And Movies

I think everyone should choice what to watch wisely. Because negative tv shows can impact us in negative way.

For example, I try to avoid drama or emotional movies. Because I became sad immediately. That’s why I try to choose funny shows and movies. Especially in the mornings, I watch commedy tv shows at least 10 minutes. It really increases my level of happiness.

Visit Positive Websites

High amount of people spend hours checking instagram or examining the lives of others. It is just a waste of time. Of course, check your instagram, facebook. I personally love instagram very much but I try to spend less time on this. I try to dip more positivy. That’s why I follow some self care and law of attraction websites including The Secret site.

The Secret site has stories of people how they managed in love life, work life or family life. I love read their stories. Because It is really nice to see people who believed in themself and succedeed.

Read Books

I thik everybody should read at least 20 pages everyday. It is a cheap activity and amazing way to invest in yourself. It improves your vocabulary, stimulates your imagination and helps you relax. Almost all successful people spend time reading.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

If you want to success and happiness your life, make sure you are associated with people who possesess those attributes. If your friends don’t support you and bring down your mood, It means that you politely get rid of them

Get Rid Of Negative People

It should be priority in your life. Because negative people will stop you doing what you want to do and suck your all energy and time.

These people can be in your family or can be your friend. No matter what you do, you can’t deal with these people, you can’t fix their problem or can’t help them improve.

Be friends with people who are in positive thoughts, who have dreams and also support your dreams. Positive thoughts, positive environment will bring you positive life.

Learn A Language

I think that everyone should learn at least one language. It makes you more valuable and allows you insight into a different culture. Also It prevent Alzheimar.


Learning to mediate has positive effects on your life. Spending only 10 minutes per day meditating will have a nice impact. Reserches show that meditation improves our concentration, reduces sress and increases level of happiness.


Maybe you bored to hear this but It should be priority in your life. Because without good health you can’t do anything.

Maybe you don’t like to go to gym. I understand this because also I am the one who doesn’t like very much. Instead of going gym, you can attend to classes like yoga or pilates. Also you can walk at least one hour everyday. Do this because spending time sitting on couches is not a healthy choice.


Travel is one of the magic in life. Visiting new countries, new cultures are amazing. Make the time and effort to travel as often as you can, especially internationally.

Every country, every people have own traditions. You can learn a lot of things from people. Create travel memories and experiences are one of the wealth in life. It will widens your perspective and realize how the whole people connected with each other.

Love Yourself

This is the element of investing yourself. If you don’t love yourself uncoditionally, don’t expect anything in life. If you want to respect and make better decisions, you should know to your value and love yourself. Forgive your mistakes, distance yourself from ridiculous people and be thankful for all that you have.

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