Hello Angels,

This year is all about to be smarter about our stuff. Sustainable fashion is in spotlight right now and brands present functionalitems that can stay in our wardrobe for years. Shoes must be comfortable and walkable, bags should be big enough to put our stuff.

There are some timeless pieces which they will be stylish forever and there are variety of new accessories that will be popular this season.

When the lockdown and horrible days over, I am sure that these trendy pieces will be essential to your wardbrobe.

From headbands to baseball caps, here are trends we will see in spring 2020.

Wide Waist Belts

This magical piece will be trendy this season. It is versatile and creates hourglass shape instantly. To create a monochrome look you can pick solid color such as brown or black. Wide waist belts never go out style, so buy at least one in neutral color for every occasion.

Baseball Caps

I love baseball cap but I never wore it. Maybe I try this year.

These caps are sporty, there is no fuss or no frills. You can wear it  with anything you want. If you watch runways, you will see that they were worn with tailered coats and strappy bra.

Padded Headbands

I love padded headbands so mcuh and I am happy see them this year again. It is an everyday accessory so you can keep your outfit simple. You can take in one step further by picking in embellishments. There are so many options so have fun with it.


This year vintage elegance will be trendy. Everything will be all about pearl from pearl necklaces to hair clips and more.

Vintage Scarves

This year vintage silk scarves will be everywhere. You can use around your hair such a headbands.

What is your favorite Spring 2020 Accessory Trend?