Hello Angels,

Do you love discover new places for shopping?

I personally love it so much. When I have a free time, I go out look around for new places to try. I don’t discover only fashion boutiques but bars, ice cream shops and other things.

Rome is a perfect shopping destination, especially for women, who tend to spend hours of walking through stores. From outlets and expensive brand stores to local boutiques, Rome has the best offer for you. Especially Black Friday and seasonal sale time are amazing. So as soon as possible, pack light and fill your luggage with new, stylish stuff.

I love to buy stylish outfits from local boutiques. Italy is a country of fashion and every corner has stylish boutiques. I would like to share my 5 favorite fashion boutiques in Rome.

Pati Jo

It is one of the most exclusive boutiques in Rome. Only top quality lingerie is sold here. They welcome you warmly and recommend you most suitable bra for you.

Website: Pati Jo

Address: Via Paganica 9b, Roma

Carlo Cecchini

If you are looking for something creative and craftmanship, I recommend you Carlo Cecchini. All products are Made in Italy and are created using only the Italian leather.

Website: Carlo Cecchini

Address: Via della Lungaretta, Trastevere

Via dei Giubbonari

I love Beatrice boutique so much. You can find stylish and high quality pieces from here. There are clothes for almost every occasion. Every time I go, I find something to buy.

Address: Via Del Governo Vecchio, 60


Via dei Giubbonari  is a street for shopping. You can find many boutiques here. One of my favorite boutique is I am Store.There are stylish and comfortable pieces. Whenever you go to this store, I am sure that you will always find something to buy.

Address: Via dei Giubbonari, 76

Website: I am Stores 

Via del Corso

It is a very small boutique. but inside is full of stylish clothes. If you go to via del corso, you should visit this amazing boutique.

Salome Boutique

Address: Via del Corso, 280

Have you ever been one of these boutique? What is your favorite boutique in Rome? Let me know below