Believe it or not, today is New Year’s Eve and we are saying to goodbye to 2019 which not only means the end of another year but it’s end of an entire decade.

There is so much change both good and bad that we have experienced in the past ten years, so before 2019 ends, look back on your life, your experiences and decide to use theese next years to be better. Try to find things you are proud of.

That’s what New Year’s resolutions are all about, changing yourself for the better.

It is time to think about resolutions. Setting goals that will help you feel better physically and mentally.

Goals can be hard to keep. Luckily these resolutians are easy to achieve. As with all New Year’s resolutions, it’s important to write them down.

Below I have gathered some of the best new year’s resolutions that focus on making you better.

Eat More Fruits & Vegetables

You should invest in your health. It is good to add more vegetables and fruits to our diet for a variety of health benefits including to lose weight. All fruits and vegetables contains minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that help prevent illness.

Exercise More

Don’t make a radical change. Moving more could be as simple as a daily 30 minute walk or a 15 minute yoga video each morning.An hour of physical activity everyday is better but you can start with baby steps.

Buy Workout Outfits That Makes You Feel Good

Cute workout outfits motivates us instantly, so spend the afternoon shopping for workout clothes that motivates you.

Studies show that what we wear affects the way we feel.

If you don’t like to spend your time on shopping center, you can buy online. You can find the best activewear brands from here.

Drink More Water

Staying hydrated is good for health. Don’t wait until thirst hits. People who live in hot climates or enagage in physical activity need more water. You can prepare yourself detox waters such as water with a cinnamon sticks or water with lemon.


The benefits of meditation is endless (better sleep, more focus). It can be hard to switch off your mind at first. I tried many times but always quited do meditation.

I think I will start meditation in 2020. There are so many apps to get a jump start.

Do One Thing At a Time

Multitasking doesn’t make you more efficient but it does stress you out, so commit to being focused in one thing and you will see the results immediately.

Explore New Hobbies

Another boring day? You can try new food, attend a tango or take a painting class – whatever feels good.


Keep your mind as active as possible. It is healthy as keeping the body active. Exercising the mind boosts memory. You can take a online art class or memorize vocabulary.

Wear Clothes That Fit Your Body

Instead of waiting for someday find and wear clothes that flatters your body and make you feel good. Buy jeans in the size you actually wear now not the size you hope to fit into one day. Looking and feeling good never go out style.