Hello Angels,

Do you need an inspiration? Instagram is one of the best platform to check out.

Social media is an amazing tool for an  inspiration. You can observe how celebrities and bloggers dress. There are many amazing blogs which are full of fashion tips. Find a few bloggers whose style interests you  and follow their Instagram page for inspiration.

Here are the 2020’s best fashion bloggers

Julie Sarinana

She is a Mexican model and fashion and lifestyle blogger. She shares her travel advantures, fashion tips and personal thoughts on her Instagram.

Website: www.sincerelyjules.com

Instagram Page: @sincerelyjules

Lauren Bullen

She is an Australian travel and fashion blogger. She shares her pictures from around the world.

Instagram Page: @gypsea_lust

Website: www.gypsealust.com

Negin Mirsalehi

She is a Dutch blogger. Her Instagram features are focusing on fashion, lifestyle and beauty. She also has own Honey & Propolis Infused Haircareline, Gisou.

Website: www.neginmirsalehi.com

Instagram Page: negin_mirsalehi

Fabrizia  Spinelli

She is an Italian fashion blogger. She shares fitness tips, lifestyle topics and fashion tips.

Instagram Page: cosa_mi_metto

Website: www.cosamimetto.net

Danielle Berstein

She is an American blogger and fasgion designer. She shares outfis that is inspired from the different styles of New York City.

Website: www.weworewhat.com/about/

Instagram Page: daniellebernstein

Thassia Naves

She is a Brazilian fashion blogger. She shares fashion, beauty tips and her travel adventures.

Website: www.thassianaves.com/en/

Instagram Page: @thassianaves

Melissa Satta

She is an Italian presenter and fashion blogger. She shares fashion, beauty and fitness tips.

Instagram Page: melissasatta

Camila Coelho

She is a Brazilian style influencer. Her Instagram features are focusing on fashion, lifestyle and beauty.

Instagram page: @camilacoelho

Website: www.camilacoelho.com

Giulia Valentina

She is an Italian blogger. She shares doesn’t share only fashion but different themes: books, travel, cinema, funny quotes and her everyday life. One of her peculiarities is that she speaks perfect English.

Instagram Page: @giuliavalentina

Who is your favorite fashion blogger? Let me know below