There are many fabric dyeing techniques. I dyed my first fabric five years ago for my fabric class at university. It was really fun but I just dyed small piece of fabric for learn to tecnique. I was dyed with fabric dye . My classmates used fabric dying tecniques for thesis and other projects. They created really lovely pieces.

I would like to share 4 techniques. If you are fashion lover, these tips can help you create your unique fabric.

Ombre Dip Dye

Recently ombre is popular in hair and fashion. It is a blend of one color to another or light to dark.


  • 1 piece of fabric

  • Salt

  • Fabric Dye

  • Container

  • Boiling Water

For a nice result, you should use natural fabrics like cotton.

Soak the fabric in warm water ( Wet fabrics takes dye better). When your water is close to boiling, pour it into the container and add the dye ( You should use rubber gloves for protect your hands)

You should pay attention to amount of dye and water. You should prepare carefully for achieve. Because result depends on length of fabric and amount of dye and water. For absorb better, add salt and stir the dye bath.

To create the ombre, the top of fabric should be in the dye least amount time and the bottom should be in the longest. Hold the top corners of fabric and dip the fabric into the dye for a couple of seconds. Move the fabric in small up and down motions. Moving up and down create a smooth gradient.

When you are done with ombre, rinse wirh warm water and switch to cold water and continue to rinse until the water runs clear.

Watercolor Technique


  • Water

  • Fabric

  • Fabric Paint

  • Embroidery Hoop

You can use acrylic paint but they are not waterproof. If you are making something to wear and wash, fabric paints are better. It will increase the water resistance.

For waterproof technique stretch your fabric in your embroidery hoop and make edges of your work area for better results. Most fabric markings pens diseppear through the process of design.

Mix some water with your paint but first test it on  scrap fabric. Your fabric should be wet for applying paint better. If you work on dr fabric, applying paint will give you sharper edge.

When you finish your fabric, let the fabric dry.

Batik Technique


  • Rit dye

  • Fabric

  • Container

  • Craft Glue

Use a washable craft glue to create your design. You can use stencil or stamp for create your design. If you have a drawing skill, you can draw on fabric.

If you are dyeing clothing item, put a plastic between the laters of fabric so theglue doesn’t ruin your fabric. When the fabric dried, soak the fabric in warm water for better results.

Prepare water near boiling and pour it into a container. Add the dye and stir. The amount of dye depends on the color you desire and the amount of water you’re using. Scrunch the fabric and put it into the dye. When you tightly packed, you will get more mottled result. Let the fabric wait about thirty minutes.

Rinse the fabric in warm water then cold water until the water runs clear. Hang for dry.

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