Hello Angels,

I prepare 30 day drawing challenge since June and I love it so much. Even though fashion design is my job and hobby sometimes I have a motivation problem.

These drawing challenges are a great opportunity to improve my drawing and inspiration for design.

In my second year of fashion design at university, I considered to do master about costume design. Even I took information about master in one university which is one of the best fashion universities in Rome.

My third year was very difficult at university and later my graduation, I didn’t want to continue to study.

I love costumes so much and I always watch historical movies/tv shows for an inspiration. At university one of my professor was a very tough person. Once she said to me you should design costumes because most of your designs have costume elements. You are very good at it.

I don’t desings for a long time and this month I want to concentrate on costume designing. I would like to share my costume design challenge for October. As you know, October 30 is a Halloween and it is a fun way to enter the Halloween mood. Would you take the challenge too?

  • Inspired by Harry Potter

  • Inspired by Barbie

  • Inspired by Cleopatra

  • Inspired by Hawaiian Luau

  • Inspired by Tinkerbell

  • Inspired by Brazilian Carnival

  • Inspired by Arabian Nights

  • Inspired by Oktoberfest

  • Inspired by Ancient Rome

  • Inspired by Clueless movie Cher character

  • Inspired by Grease

  • Inspired by Hame of Thrones Khalese character

  • Inspired by Renaissance

  • Inspired by The Great Gatsby

  • Inspired by Jasmine (Disney)

  • Inspired by Flintstones

  • Inspired by 90’s

  • Inspired by Burlesque

  • Inspired By Magnificent Century tv show

  • Inspired by Breakfast At Tiffany’s movie

  • Inspired by Mermaid

  • Inspired by Aphrodite (Mythology)

  • Inspired by Downton Abbey

  • Inspired by Elizabethean Era

  • Inspired by Pirates of Caribbean

  • Inspired by Gone with the Wind

  • Inspired By Belle Epoque Era

  • Inspired by flight attendant

  • Inspired by Casino

  • Inspired by Witch costume

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