Women’s most important accessories the hair is very important to look well. It is possible to reach healthy and soft hair by using argan oil.

The argan is a tree that grows in the semi arid regions of North Africa – especially in Morocco. Each argan tree can live around 200 years and grows 10 metres.

The argan oil is often called ‘liquid gold’ and is very important for hair and skin care. It includes vitamin E and fatty acids. Nowadays argan oil is very popular in the west for its various benefits for the hair.Apart from being hair conditioner, it can be used variety of hair problems.

Here are the benefits of argan oil for hair.

As a conditioner

Argan oil is rich in nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E, antioxidants and omega 6 so it’s a perfect ingredient for a conditioner. These super nourishing ingredients makes hair softer and shinier.

As a styling product

Especially it is perfect for curly girls because it can be used to define the curls and provides excellent shine.

As a hair mask

If you have damaged hair, argan oil is amazing as a hair mask. The vitamin E and fatty acids helps smooth frayed hair shafts and strengthen your hair. You should leave at least 15-30 minutes as a mask to see result.

As a dry scalp treatment

Because argan oil has reach ingredients, it can be effective scalp problems such itchiness and other scalp issues.

As a hair loss treatment

Argan oil has proved benefits for hair and scalp health and prevent hair breakage and hair loss. Vitamin E which argan oil has was shown to improve hair growth.


It is very important to buy pure argan oil. Some hair products list argan oil as one of many ingredients and not the primary ingredient.

Make sure that the product you buy doesn’t have synthetic ingredients because that can be harmful for your hair. You should pay attention products that have a 100% argan oil.

Argan oil must be stored in dark colored glass bottles. Don’t buy stored in plastic bottles because light can penetrate and destroy some of the ingredients.

Texture should be silky smooth not sticky.

3 Pure Argan Oil Products

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