Hello Angels,

We are in summer and after the lockdown I prefer to go out more.

There were many people who were hesitating go out after the lockdown but now everywhere started to be crowded again. Normally, I don’t prefer crowded places but this year I love it.

Walking on the streets, meeting with friends for a aperitivo and enjoying  the beautiful hot summer are the one of the best activities to do right now.

Whether you go out to lunch, the cinema or just hanging with your friends, you should look fresh, good and stylish.

Sometimes I go out for a walk and drink something in afternoon later I make a plan with my friends for a dinner or movie night. Returning home for a outfit change is boring that’s why I always prefer outfit for a morning and night. You can also do the same thing like me.

How should you dress to look pulled together but not overdone? I picked 4 outfit from my online store for a go out in the morning and night in Rome. You can wear them all day long without returning home for a outfit change.

Limoncello Dress

Summer time is very hot in Rome. Even nights are very hot. That’s why stylish and comfortable outfits are my priority choice.

Limoncello dress is one of my favorite dress from my online store. It is versatile and comfortable. You can add a green or pink belt for a stylish summer look. You can complete your look with flats or high heels.

Rome streets are mostly cobblestoned that’s why wearing high heels can be challenging (especially in city center). You can buy heel protector from Amazon or always bring flat shoes in case you feel uncomfortable in high heels.

Yellow Dress

Love Potion

It is a handmade dress from my online store and it is a top seller. You can complete your look with high heels. For a night out, you can add some jewelry like earrings or necklace.

Midnight in Colosseo

Midnight in Colosseo is a handmade dress from my online store. It  can be worn in the morning and night. You can pick ballerinas for a morning and switch with high heels at night.

Sequin Dress

Ready To Go Skirt

As you know me, I adore tulle skirts. Ready To Go tulle skirt is handmade. It has two colors; black and white. In summer times, I prefer white. You can wear it with crop tops, tnak tops or body and complete your look with sneakers, ballerinas or high heels. It is versatile and you can create many different looks for a different events.

Which is your favorite outfit choice for a go out in Rome?

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