Cold weather is the opportunity to pull out the heaps of coats and sweaters that have been in the back of a closet for months.

This season there is a statement coat that will please every type of winter dresser: the teddy coat. This new trend is by far the coziest coat that women can wear and still look chic. And unlike a faux fur coat, teddy coat is super easy to wear.

If you are looking for a tips on how to wear teddy coat, this post will guide you


  • Buy an oversized tedy coat, you can wear over anything- dresses, jeans, etc. Keep your accessories minimal. You can complete your look with clutch and boots.

  • A neutral color teddy coat is perfect for soften louder pieces like print dresses. You can also wear teddy coat to soften other types of textures and fabrics like leather.

  • The third iconic outfit inspiration involving teddy coats comes directy from the Samantha Jones (Sex and the City character) who was wearing a colored teddy coat, combined with a black, high waisted miniskirt and a slip top.

  • You can pair your favorite teddy coat with a statement and this year’s popular garment sequined dress or miniskirt.

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