Hello Angels,

Until a few years ago I would never imagine to wear sneakers in summer time. Because summer is a short season and I was prefering to wear open toe shoes.

Wearing boots are very popular in Italy but I believe that boots and snekers can be worn anytime  but open toe shoes have limited time.

Recent years, there are so many amazing sneaker options and I can’t resist them. They are lovely and comfortable.

In past, my summer shoe closet was full of wedges, sandals and open toe heels. My shoe closet is still filled with them but also there are a few sneakers.

If I go out for shopping or to wander around a bit, I prefer sneakers.

I love to walk so much. Sometimes I go out for one hour but I return home after three hours 😀

My apartment is literally close to every amazing place in Rome that’s why I wander around almost every street of Rome. That’s why when I go out, ı have nı concept of time.

If I  go out to meet with my friends for a drink or eat something, I prefer open toe shoes.

Recently, sneakers are my favorite top three summer shoes.

They are versatile and easy to complete your look. I can wear them with my outfits. In today’s post, I would like to share my three ways to wear sneakers in summer time.

  • With pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are stylish and timeless. You can wear it with crop tops, halter tops or t shirts and complete your look with sneakers.

  • With tube dress

I love tube dress so much. They are feminine, comfortable and stylish. For everyday look, you can wear tube dress with sneakers. They make you look cool and stunning.

  • With tulle skirt

Tulle skirt is feminine and fun to wear. You can wear it with t-shirts, crop tops or halter tops and complete your look with a pair of sneakers.

If I want to wear something fun and comfortable, ı opt halter top, tulle skirt and sneakers.

  • With denim shorts

Denim shorts are not very popular in Italy as a streetwear but I love to wear them. T-shirt or halter tops, denim short and sneakers look make you look cool and young. You can complete your look with a pair of sunglasses for a stylish everyday look.

What is your favorite way to wear sneakers? Let me know below

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