Hello Angels,

The spring season will officially begin two days later.

Last year, these days Italy was totally lockdowned so, many of us didn’t do shopping for spring.

Not much has changed this year. Italy has divided in three colors right now, yellow, orange and red. Red and orange zones have more strict rules but yellow zones have lighter rules. If you are in yellow zone, you can go to shopping and eat something at restaurant until 18:00 o‘clock.

If you are feeling depressed, you can go to shopping or shop online. Before start to do shopping, organize your wardrobe and see your clothes for spring. Donate the clothes that you don’t wear anymore.

One of my favorite things to do is reorganize my wardrobe, combine the clothes, donate the clothes that I don’t wear anymore and start to add new seasonal pieces.

These days most of the world spend so much time at home so why don’t you start refresh your wardrobe?

In today’s post I would like to share 5 popular dresses from my boutique Love in Rome. All these 5 dresses are handmade.

Like a Lady Dress

You can wear this dress with ballerinas for more daily life look or wear with high heels for a business or more chic look.

It is a stylish and comfortable dress. You can wear anytime you want.


Midnight in Colosseo

Who says sequins can only be wore at night?

Fashion world changes constanly and sequin dresses are popular for years. Now you may not meet with your friends or go out for a dinner but you can wear this lovely dress in your daily life.

You can wear it with ballerinas for everyday look. I can assure that this dress will boost your mood instantly. Who doesn’t need a mood booster  these days?


Sequin Dress

Roman Night Dress

It is a romantic lace dress and you can literally wear it anywhere, anytime you want.


Roman Night Dress

When in Rome dress

Spring means rebirth. Nature starts to awake. Floral prints are timeless and When in Rome dress stylish and comfortable. You can wear it at work, lunch with your friends or in your daily life.


Summer in Rome Dress

This dress is amazing for work and brunch. You can wear it with flat or high shoes. It is comfortable, stylish and timeless.


What is your favorite Love in Rome dress? Let me know below

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