Hello Angels,

Do you consider to suspend your gym membership for the summertime? Before do it, read 5 reasons to go to gym in summer

Gyms were suspended from October 2020 to May 2021 in Italy. I love to go to gym in summer time but this year I am more willing to go because I really miss it so much.

Long and warm summer days are ideal time to head outdoors and do some exercise but high temperature and bugs can be nightmare.

I personally still opt outdoor exercises at least one day a week but I prefer to go to gym.

Here are the 5 reasons to reconsider to go to gym in summer time

  • Toned body forever

Most of people work hard in winter and stop in summer time. I believe that we should pay attention our body all year long. When you constantly exercise and follow healthy diet, your body look toned all season long. Who doesn’t prefer have a beach body forever?

  • Air conditioner

As temperate high, air conditioner can be just what you need. The cool gym can motivate you and extend your workout during hot, sweaty summer.

  • Less people

I prefer quit gym so summer times are perfect time for me. More people outside or off on holiday and it is more comfortable to use your favorite machine and more space for workout.

  • Increases metabolism

When we sweat, we lose water and our body craves more water. In summer time, we already lose extra water and when we workout , we naturally drink more. It increases our metabolism and get rid of toxins from our body. You can treat yourself a delicious nutrient rich juice or water at the gym.

  • Better sleep

Sleeping in summer time is very difficult. Sometimes I can’t sleep even air conditioner (especially in august). Regular workouts lenghten and deepen sleep. Who doesn’t need a good sleep?

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