Hello Angels,

The key to looking amazing isn’t following all the latest fashion trends, it is all about staying true to your personal style. But what if you find what your style is? You can figure out your style by searching for inspiration (Pinterest and Instgram are great tools) and experimenting with fashion.

I believe that finding your personal style is very important. Your aesthetic choices such as hairstyle, clothing accessories and the way you combine them represents you.

Style is timeless and you can be stylish without following latest fashion trends. People who has personal style is more creative than others because they don’t simply absorb trends.

I personally didn’t find my personal style until age 21-22. I completely figure out with help of my university teacher.

One day we had to prepare a fashion collection and I designed clothes in many different themes. Some of my designs were wild, other ones were more ladylike, romantic. When my teacher saw my project, she said there are so many themes in your collection. Some of your designs are like Lady Gaga’s clothes and other ones are more like Dolce & Gabbana style. Your personal style is elegant and romantic and maybe your project should contain elegant and romantic designs. The most funny part was I wasn’t aware that my project contains so many different elements and I didn’t know my fashion style is romantic and elegant.

My teacher made me realize my of personal style and when I create a fashion collection, I try to stick one theme. Sometimes I design sexy and feminine clothes, sometimes I prefer ladylike, romantic theme.

Finding your personal style isn’t something you can discover overnight. But there are some steps you can use to figure out more about the clothing that works for you.

Find Inspiration

Social media is an amazing tool for inspiration. You can observe how celebrities and friends dress. There are also so many blogs which are full of fashion tips. Find a few bloggers whose style interests you follow their Instagram or website for inspiration.

Fashion Mood Board

A mood board is one of the perfect way to develop your personal style. Gather your all fashion inspiration from magazines to Instagram and put them together into a mood board. Notice what they have in common.

You may discover that a lot of your models are wearing skirts, a lot of them are wearing mini dresses, a lot of them are wearing sweatshirts. Choose at least three favorite images and buy pieces similar to their styles.

Look to Your Wardrobe

Look all clothes that make you happy and comfortable. What your are your favorite clothes in your wardrobe? Pull them together and think about why they make you feel good. Keep your favorite clothes and give away the clothes that they don’t fit your style.

Find your Signature Pieces

Most style icons have signatures. This can be a color, print or accessory. Taylor Swift’s signature is cat eye and red lip, Black Lively has blondy beach waves and Rita Ora has stylish crop tops.

Create Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is one of the best way to create your of personal style. You can mix and match to create effortless stylish looks. These are classic pieces that go with everythig: a leather jacket, a simple T-shirt, flat ballerinas, etc so invest in items you know you will wear for years.  These items sound very simple but they will help you create your unique style by providing a base for more pretentious pieces.

Do you know your personal style? What is your signature pieces? Let me know below

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