Ever wonder about the rules for wearing gold jewelry?

People have been wearing gold for centuries to enchance their look. Trends come and go but there are still some basic guidelines that are timeless. One of the most important thing to remember that you keep a stylish balance. Because if are not careful, you might look cheap.

Accessorizing with jewelry take an outfit from boring to one to chic but make sure that the attention you are getting is positive.

I don’t want to say less is more. The key is to know when it’s ok.

Try New Colors of Gold

When we think about gold jewelry, the first thing comes to mind is yellow gold. Actually there are other colors of gold for centuries. You can find white and rose gold.  Some designers mix several shades of gold within a single piece.

My favorite is rose gold because provides unique style statement.

Wear Long Gold Necklace For a Stylish Look

Long gold necklaces add dimension and details to your outfit. Be sure to choose simple tshirt or dress. If you want to create your own style you may wear a couple of different necklaces such as a long gold necklace with a choker.

Wear What You Love

Fashion trends come and go but gold jewelry never goes out of style. If you love gold, wear it. Styles change over the years and you may now wear to wear your favorite gold bracelet or earrings because to look dated but you can try updating with other pieces that have a more modern look.

Pick One Statement Piece

If you are not sure to style your gold jewelry than wear a statement necklace and no earrings. This holds the same for statement bracelets or and earrings.

Modern Golden Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are timeless which is my favorite jewelry piece and Jennifer Lopez’s statement piece.

These pieces are very easy to style and very adjustable to any style.There are many modern great designs that you can choose from.