The weather becomes hotter and hem of skirts have been getting shorter. Mini skirts are lovely and feminine fashion items that never really out of style. There are in many fabrics and styles.

The ultra feminine garment emerged in the 1960s. It was a symbol of youth culture and movement for female social and sexual liberation.

It was like a revolution because It showed legs of women than ever in fashion history.

Mary Quant the one who introduced her own version of short skirt at her boutique in 1964. She is not true inventor but she is the one who popularized. She named ‘mini’ after her favorite car mini cooper.

Swinging London girls began to wear flirtatious mini skirts as a statement against the society, parents and everything.

Here are my favorite 5 ways to wear feminine mini skirt

Mini Skirt With Blazer

Mini skirts can be very feminine and seductive on their own, so you can complete with menswear inspired piece like blazer.

This look will be sexy and casual. You can wear at work and in the romantic dinner.

Mini Skirt With a Bodysuit

Bodysuits are perfect for a polished tuck in because some blouses and tshirts may bunch up when you try to tuck them into a skirt.

Mini Skirt With Handbag

It is the best combination ever. Also type and length of bag is important.

Mini Skirt with Flats

Contrary to belief, flat shoes will elongate your legs more than high heels. You can pair your mini with a boots or pair of ballerinas.

Mini Skirts With Tights

Sometimes you can hate tights but If you are going to wear in the winter, you will have to love them. If you don’t like showing too much skin, tights can be a good excuse.

In recent years, there are many cute tights options.