Hello Angels,

Unfortunately throughout the past centuries, womanhood associated with powerless, weakness, overemotionally and over-sensitivity. We live in a society where woman is not flattered but rather suppressed.

Today many women in our society carry mentally, physically or sexually wounds.

Unfortunatelly many women embraces masculine energy rather than feminine. Masculine energy’s qualities are independence, competitiveness, arrogance and aggression. These traits are not totally bad and we need them but women should balance harmony between these two energies.

Are you aware of the powerful energy you carry within? Do you express gratitude for having been born female? We, as a woman should be proud ourselves. We are magical and we should embrace and using full potential as a female.

In today’s post I would like to share 7 ways to awaken divine feminine energy within you.

  • Be Creative

Feminine energy means creativity, fun and flow. Be in present, don’t chase success. Stay positive and involve more flow.

  • Be Receptive

Allow yourself to receive. When you are receptive, love will enter your life. Love makes us to channel our feminine energy. Also it helps to stay in present and calm our minds. For example when someones gives compliment, most of us find fault or shut down instead of open and say thank you. The next time when someone compliments you, receive the complement with zero resistance simply receive it.

Allow yourself to receive more. Pamper yourself, buy yourself gifts and make receiving a part of your life.

  • Be Physically Active

Our body is a temple and we, woman bring new life into this world and therefore we should treat our body with respect. Do things that physically keeps you and feel you good. Such as exercise, dancing and any kind of movement.

  • Get Rid Of Negative People

Stay away from negative people. They impose their negativity and pessimism upon you. Being around people who is negative will suck your energy and you will develop negative thinking yourself.

  • Meditate

Meditation has many benefits. It makes you observe your thoughts and calm your mind. There are so many meditation apps and guided meditations on youtube.

  • Pamper Yourself

Everyday pamper yourself. Take care your skin, hair, body and mind. Pay attention to what you eat because food has strong impact on our body and mind.

  • Be Aware Of Your Value

Spend time in nature and close to the water ( sea, fountain, river, etc.)

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