Wake up with motivation is a key of great successes.

Feeling motivated everyday is one of the most difficult thing. Especially when you wake up and remember things to do makes you more lazy so you try to delay as long as possible.

Delaying is not a option because in the end you will have to do your things. With some tips, you can feel happy and energized to start your day.

I am the one who is morning person. It may sound strange to you but I love mornings very much. Every morning I wake up with excitement. There are simple tips that may help you to wake up with proper level of motiavation. I would like to share my tips which are make me keep in proper level in the mornings.

Have Your Biggest Dream

Maybe you bored to hear this but dreams are fuel of life. Our dreams are the most important thing for motivation. A person without dream can’t be motivated.

First thing is you should be sure about yourself. What do you want? What kind of life do you want? When you think about these, don’t put yourself a limit. Because there is no big or small dream. Everything is possible in this life but you have to be confident with your wishes.

When you are sure about dreams, write it down or make a vision board. If you don’t want to do these things, you can create vision boards on pinterest.

When you wake up, first thing you should look or read your dreams. Your dreams will be your biggest motivation in the morning.

Make Your Bed

Making your bed will take your only half a minute.

Every day Is A Gift

Everyday is a biggest gift for us. We don’t know our future and everyday is a full of surprise for us.

Don’t you get excited when you get a gift? You should be excited also for everyday.

The most important think is focus only on TODAY. Thinking future or regretting past will not bring you positivity or novelty.

Focus on only your tasks and daily goals. You can buy agenda for be organized. When you write your daily goals and tasks, everything will be more enjoyable.

In past, I was not using agenda and before I sleep, I was thinking about tomorrow’s program. This was very annoying because when I was thinking things to do, everything was becaming bigger and boring. Of course, next morning I was tring to delay as soon as possible.

After I started to use agenta regularly and nothing seems boring because when you only thing, you exaggerate but when you write, everythings seems more normal.

Drink a large glass of lemon water

Drinking lemon water have many benefits including lifting your spirits, maintaining pH balance of the body and maintaining digestive health.

Before I prepare a breakfast, I drink lemon water.

Listening To Music

When I drink my lemon water, I listen to music and sometimes I also dance 🙂

Dancing is lifting my mood immediately. If you didn’t try in the morning, you should try it 🙂


Gratitude will make you more positive and make you realize things more. You don’t have to write or keep a gratitude journal but you can think 5 things to thankful for every morning.


Preparing breakfast is my favorite activity in the morning. It is like a hobby for me. My breakfast contains many food like eggs and walnuts.

Preparing a breakfast takes my 20-30 minute but every minute is like a blessing for me. I open my favorite tv show or programma. I prefer comedy series and tv shows in the morning for a positive and happy day.

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