Why brides need to have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?

This superstition began in  Victorian era in English country Lancashire. In that time the something blue was generally a garter. The something blue symbolize love, purity and fidelity.

More than 100 years later, this superstition continues and effects bridal trends. Not many brides want to keep this tradition but let’s be honest… it’s lovely so why don’t we keep this tratidion?

Here are my 7 ways to wear something blue on your wedding day.

Blue in your bouquet

Bouquet is a perfect place to tie in a something blue. Natural blue includes orchid.

If blue flowers don’t fit your thee, you can wrap the stems with blue ribbon or tuck one blue flower into your arrangement.

Blue Jewelry

A statement earrings or necklace with a blue is great way to add a color to your white wedding dress.

Nail Polish

You can consider a blue hued manicure. The perfect shade of blue nail polish is especially perfect for unconventional brides. From pastel blue to sapphire, you have many blue shades to consider.

Essie Find me an oasis is lovely blue shade for manicure.

Blue Garter

Blue garter is my favorite. Wearing a blue garter is still popular and concealed way to your ‘something blue’

Blue Lingerie

There is no better something blue than the perfect pair of baby blue, navy or cobalt lingerie.

Blue Shoes

Blue shoes give your wedding gown a playful pop of color and yo have tons of options. More traditional brides may opt for a classic navy pump while others might consider a glittery details and baby blue hue as a option.


This is one of my favorite If you think to wear hairpin, you may opt for color blue.

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