Being a confident woman doesn’t  happen overnight. It takes time, practice and energy.

These people have high levels of confidence , which is linked to greater joy, achievement and satisfaction in life. What is it about these peoplethat makes them confident? There are certain habits  confident women that you can apply to your life to boost your confidence.

Here are 9 habits centered around self care for women.

1) Affirmations For Self- Confidence

If you want to increase your potential, focusing on your confidence will have the significant impact.

There is a connection between self confidence and  how you think about yourself. If you think good things about yourself, you will attract confidence and success.

Confidence boosting affirmations every morning is a great habit.

Examples of such affirmations are ;

I can do anything

I love and accept myself for who I am

I am getting better and better everyday.

You should find a best way to do this is to make a daily habit of repeating these.

2) Embrace Failure

Fear of failure stops many people from taking chances – but not women who are confident. Confident women don’t scared to failure because they have faith in their abilities. They see any shortcoming as just as springboard to get to where they want.

Overcoming and even welcoming your fear of failure will make you a stronger and once you conquer your fears your self confidence will improve.

3) Be Careful With Your Energy

A  confident women are aware of who they are and who they surround theirself with. They  are habitually making sure that they surround themself with people who possess good quality.

4) Show Confidence With Your Body Language

Body language is very important. When you body language says you are confidenti others will treat you differently.

Especially posture is very important. A good posture affects your mood instantly. Stand up straighti shoulders back and chin up. Even when you are sitting in a chair out to lunch, make it practice to sit up and hold your head up high.

This is a habit that you should practice everyday. This habit builds over time but it makes a huge difference in how you feel.

5) Keep Learning

One of the best confidence boosting habits that you can have is to think outside the box and look for new things to learn.

Being informed of many different topics makes you feel smarter and makes you interesting people.

Who do you think is more engaging conversationalist? Someone who plays video games and reads gossip column or someone who is contantly learning new things, reading boos and having more life experience to share with you?

6) Don’t Seek Attention

I believe that seeking attention is very desperate. The confident women never need validation or praise because they know their own self- worth that already comes from within.

7) Look To Others For Inspiration

If you are working on yourself, get inspired by others who have strenght in this area.

Think people in your life or even in the media who has a confidence that inspires you?

Inspiring books, people or seminars can provide you with new ideas and keep motivated to continue workings toward your goals. Ted talks and youtube are great tools to learn new things.

8) Responsible With Your Time

Having a goal and staying organized is a key to success. Confident people are fully present with each task they commit time to and turn themself more productive.

9) Elevate Your Look

A confident women know that appearance doesn’t necessarily mean confidence but they pay attention from how they dress. The way we dress is a form of communication to others so whatever way you look and dress, always matches the level of self confidence that you have.

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