Hello Angels,

Time is changing and fashion adapts to this change.  Being comfortable is the key and fashion is more sporty, more simple now.

Recent years, sneakers are not only popular in sporting arena, but also by the people who wore them in the streets. Streetwear is the new fashion and high fashion brands collab with sneaker brands such as Adidas x Prada.

Sneakers are one of the versatile shoes preferred right now. Whether you are wearing your favorite dress or shorts, sneakers easily provide comfort and coolness.

So much comfortable to walk in than high heels. They are in different styles, shapes and colors. Design details such as color, and silhouettes transform everything from everyday to dinner night look.

I am a ballerina flat girl but recent years I also opt sneakers for my daily life. They look lovely with some dresses, skirts, shorts, etc.

In summer, I try to opt sandals than sneakers because we can wear sandals only for a few months but sneakers can be worn all year long.

Until a few years, I was putting sneakers into the winter shoe closet but now they are my shoe closet all year long.

In today’s post, I would like to share 9 Love in Rome outfits to complete with sneakers, They are very comfortable and look cute with sneakers.

Handmade When in Rome Dress

Handmade Capri Dreams Dress


Single Girl Skirt

Tulle Skirt

Roman Holiday Skirt

Pink Midi Tulle Skirt

Ready To Go Skirt


Do you love sneakers? How do you pair them? What is your favorite Love in Rome outfit combination with sneakers? Let me know below

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