Hello Angels,

A few days ago (before Christmas) I had a day trip to Pompeii and Castelli Romani.

Nemi is my favorite town in the area of Castelli Romani. It is perched on a cliffside overlooking the smaller volcanic lake which is called Lake Nemi.

Nemi town is known for its delicious strawberries. For this reason, we stopped for coffee and delicious strawberry dessert.

Thanks to my father, I discovered strawberry prosecco. I don’t like alcohol for this reason I didn’t drink it but my father ordered for himself and I tasted it. Strawberet prosecco was very delicious even for someone who doesn’t like alcohol like me.

The bar we sit in prepares this delicious drink with its own made strawberry ice cream and syrup.

One of the best thing about visiting a place in Christmas time is decorations and food. Torrone is one of the most popular Christmas dessert in Italy and I found torrone with strawberries.

The weather was amazing. For this reason, I wore turtleneck top with jeans and completed my look with leather jacket and sneakers.

Have you ever been in Castelli Romani area? What is your favorite outfit for a day trip? Let me know it below

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