Hello Angels,

I have been in Naples many times but this time my day trip to Naples decided in last minute.

Last time, I have been in there in 2016. I spent only a few hours because I went to Capri with my mother.

Lat month, my friends visited Naples and they joined guided tour. I couldn’t go with them at that time because had things to do. They loved the tour and the city so much and we made a plan for summer time.

We had a free time last week and we decided to visit Catania, Sicily for a day on 19th of May. Our flight was very early in the morning and our return ticket to Rome was very late.

My friends were already have been in Sicily years ago but I never have been and I always wanted to visit.

My friends picked me up around 5 o’clock in the morning from home to go to the airport. We arrived to airport but we missed our flight. We had all day long and my friends decided to take me to Naples for a guided tour.

I love to visit towns, cities and countries even for a day. I love try local foods and visit historical places. Naples known for its delicious cuisine and history.

We arrived to Naples 2 hours and 20 minutes later by car. First we sat on the cafe and drank something. Weather is very hot that’s why one of my favorite beverages to drink is tonic water and granita right now.  If I am going to eat dessert, I prefer to drink tonic water.

After cafe, we toured in Naples and we went to eat fried pizza (pizza frittata) in Gino and Toto Sorbillo.

Gino Sorbillo is a very popular pizza chef and he has many restaurants including in the United States.

Gino Sorbillo’s pizza was very delicious. He uses fresh ingredients. Might be the best pizza I have ever had in my life.

After delicious pizza, we continued to walk around the city and we ate baba. Baba is one of the popular Neapolitan pastry. It is a yeast cake saturated with liquor usually rum. It can be served with pastry cream, whipped cream or nutella.

I don’t like dessert with alcohol but I wanted to eat something local and I prefered to eat baba with nutella.

We ate in Scaturchio pastry which is one on the most popular pastry in Naples.

After eating delicious foods, I attended Naples underground guided tour with my friends. It is forty meters below of the historic center of Naples. The tour includes the Greek Roman Aqueduct. You can only attend with a guide in certain hours. The tour takes one hour.

After amazing Naples underground tour we came back to Rome.

Have you ever been Naples? Let me know below

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