Hello Angels,

Traveling to abroad decreased after pandemic. Since last year, many people started to explore their own country. Since I am a foreigner in Italy, I  explore the place where I heard good things about it.

Some of my friends visit to Rome very often. After two days staying and visiting all their favorite places, they want to see new cities/towns which are close to Rome.

A few years ago, one of my friend made a research about the best places to visit around Lazio and he discovered Nemi. We decided to visit together. It was November and weather was amazing.

Nemi is one of the most beatiful villages you can visit during your stay in Rome. It is located in the center of the Colli Albani. Perched on a steep hill overlooking the lake of the same name. Nemi and Rome can be travelled by car about 45 minutes.

Lake Nemi has an exceptional beauty. It is an amazing place for relax. Nemi’s popular wild strawberries are grown in the fertile volcanic soils near the lake. Near the banks on lake, there is a ruins of the Temple of Diana Aricina.

Nemi is the medieval town which has historical attractions to visit. If you want somewhere is not crowded but full of history, I can recommend you to visit Nemi.

No trip to Nemi is complete without tasting the incredible strawberries and its delicious cakes. One of the best thing about my Nemi trip was eating strawberry cake while discovering every part of Nemi.

If you visit Rome during the June, there is a Strawberry Festival on the first Sunday of June which is the most popular event in Nemi.

Have you ever been in Nemi? Let me know it below

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