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From Empire waists to maternity corsets, see how maternity fashion has changed over the centuries.

Back in Middle Ages, women’s everyday dress didn’t follow a wearer’s body shape.

In 13th century, heavy materials like velvet was very popular and helped hide bump.

 Early 14th century, sillhouettes started to follow the female form. Specific designs elements introduced and made clothing more maternity friendly.

During the 1502, aprons were popular to hide a bump.

In 1551’s, overcoats with lace up vents in the back was making adjustable to fit.

Maternity wear was not very important in Renissance era because women usually stayed home. This means they would dress robes and had no need for adjustment.

During the Baroque period (1600s and 1700s), A waistless pregnancy gown, Adrienne, was very popular.

In 1770s, many women preferred to wear corsets and petticoats while pregnant for attain the ideal figure.

In 1803, unfortunately many women weren’t able to buy new clothes whil pregnant and their dresses’ back laces weren’t working anymore. For this reason, they were wearing a shawl to hide opening in the of the dress.

In the early 1820s, the Empire waist was very popular. Napoleon’s first wife Empress Josephine made popular.  It is a style which has a fitted bodice ending blow the bust and loosely gathered skirt.

In Victorian era (which covers the years of Queen Victoria’s reign), pregnancy considered a condition to be concealed. Women were wearing a maternity corset which called as ‘wrapper’.

In 1900s, the first ready to wear clothing for pregnant women was sold in the United States by Lane Bryant. She presented dresses with an adjustable wrap around front and shirtwaists

From 1920s to 1940s, maternity clothing was designed to maintain a feminine silhouette and hide women’s bumps.

By the 1950s and 1960s, pregnant women started to embrace their changing bodies.

Today maternity clothing depends on person’s fashion style. From loose cuts to baby doll dresses, there are tons of style to choose from.

I personally think that maternity is not something to hide. There are so many brands that offers both fashionable and accessible clothes.

What do you think about maternity fashion? Do you prefer loose or bodycon cuts? Let me know below

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