Hello Angels,

The pandemic changed customers shopping behaviours. Many people around the world shop online more frequently than ever.

I often prefer online shopping (even before pandemic) and I preferred to establish online store in 2017 instead of physical one because my products are available 24/7 and I can sell to the all around the world.

Even today some people still worried when they shop online. Everything has positive and negative side but when you research deeply advantages and disadvantages, you will see more advantages than disadvantages.

In today’s post, I would like to share advantages of online shopping.


  • Convenience

Customars can buy items from the comfort of their own homes or office. Where else can you comfortable shop while in your pajamas?

  • No pressure

Unfortunately in some physical stores, the sales representatives push you to buy the product. When you shop online, you are free to do check products and compare as long as you want.

  • Saves time

You don’t have to wait in line for payment or sales represant to help you with your items.

  • Better prices

When you shop online, you can compare prices and products.

  • Variety

When you shop online, you have plenty of options. You will always find your size, color and something you like easily. You can shop from stores in other of the country or even world.

  • Easy to send gift

Especially in pandemic time, it was difficult to go out to buy gifts. A few people were allowed into the shops. No matter your relatives or friends live, you can buy anything you want for them. Gift wrap and shipping is done for you.

  • No crowds

If you are like me, you understand what I mean. Especially during afternoons and weekends, stores are crowded and it is difficult to check the products and try on them.

Do you prefer shop online? Let me know it below

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