Hello Angels,

One of my favorite things in Rome that gathering with the people I love and sitting down for an aperitivo. It is a good excuse to relax and catch up. Aperitivo is often associated with American happy hour.

It is an Italian tradition that usually takes place before dinner (between 17:00 to 20:00). It serves as an appetizer to dinner while socializing with friends. Almost all bars in Italy host aperitivo everyday. The drinks enriched by the variety choice of snacks that often differ from each bar.

There are two types of aperitivo. Either one size fits all plate style which includes snacks such as, bruschette, olives, cheeses, pizzas and crackers. or buffet style where you can fill your plate with the food you would like. Each region offers different snacks.

Generally aperitivo is associated with cocktails with alcohol. Actually it is a personal choice. The most iconic Italian aperitivo is Aperol Spritz but I don’t like alcohol that’s why I always pick something sweet and alcohol free. Some bars prepare personalized cocktails which is my favorite one.

The origins of Italian aperitivo dates back 20th century. According to some sources, aperitivo begins with Antonio Benedetto Carpano’s invention of vermouth in Turin near Milan.

Milan is recognized as the birthplace of the aperitivo.

When you visit Italy, I highly recommend you have a aperitivo. It is a nice way to chill in Italian way.  I am sure that you are going to love it. For a delicious aperitivo, you should pick a nice bar. Unfortunately some places cocktails and foods are not tastly.

Have you tried aperitivo in Italy? If you tried, did you like it? Let me know it below

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