Hello Angels,

Italy is divided into two colors now; red and orange due to Covid-19 cases.

Italian health ministry bases its decision on a weekly report which analyses transmission number and hospital occupancy to assess the risk level in each region.

The data is announced every Friday and rule changes take effect from Monday morning. Generally color of region remains same for at least two weeks.

Rome is in orange ( medium high risk) which is better than red one. In orange zone you can;

  • Stroll around freely within your town.

  • All shops including hairdressers and beauty centers remain open.

  • You can visit your friends and family.

  • Bars, cafes and restaurants are open only for takeaway.

  • Gyms are suspended since October 2020.

  • Our life is different than usual right now but it is temporary and everything will be allright again.

With these rules, we have a limited social life but still there are a lot of things to do in Rome.

Rome is almost empty right now due to tourism in not allowed. I miss recent years which was full of people but later Covid -19 Rome will be like recent years so this situation is temporary.

You can stroll around comfortably and take beautiful Rome photos. Especially early in the morning and sunset time are an amazing time for take some photo.

We are in Spring and weather is amazing. We spend so much time at home so go to park, do some exercise, yoga or meditation. These days we should pay more attention to our mental health. Unfortunately, many people affected in a bad way. Meditation is one of the best tool for reduce stress.

We may not have a brunch or coffee meetings with our friends in the cafe but we can still meet with them (of course following  social distance rule). If you have a garden, it is better to gather there. You can enjoy the sunny weather and outdoor is better because of the Covid-19.

You can take away your favorite food or dessert. Especially these days, local restaurants, store, etc need a support than ever.

Organize your wardrobe and do shopping

You can start to organize your wardrobe for summer and prepare comfortable but stylish summer looks for yourself. You can buy your needs online or in store.

Walk in the city center

As I mentioned before, Rome is empty. You can wear something comfortable and walk around the city center. Every is close in Rome so you can start your walking trip from Spanish steps and walk until Colosseum. You can discover new stores, take photos and do some exercise.

What is your favorite thing to do in Rome right now? Let me know below

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