Hello Angels,

Less than three months left for the new year and I can’t believe this. Days are passing very fast.

This year is very particular and many people are waiting 2021 already. I honestly try to be in present and enjoy every second, every minute in my life.

As I mentioned before I love every season. Millions of people began to suffer from autumn anxiety which is a low mood during the autumn months. As beach time, longer days and sunshine are on the way out and autumn makes its way in.

Autumn in Rome is absolute perfection. The time between sticky hot August and the cold winter are perfect time of the year.

September stays hot and October tends to sunny days and chilly evenings. By November, generally rain and colder days begin.

August is a holiday month for Romans. Most of the stores are closed.  In September, businesss reopen and Romans start to return the city.

This summer, I spend so much time at parks and streets. Normally, in sitcky hot summer, I prefer to spend time at bars or stores and in September I start to spend some time at outside.

But this year different than others. I didn’t want to enter indoor places (except gym and supermarket). The other reason is streets were not crowded like recent years.

Rome is a very popular city and millions of tourists visit every year. Streets are narrow that’s why it is difficult to walk on the streets. Since last March there are a few tourists. This year the city was empty that’s why I wanted enjoy in the empty city and take photo.

This autumn I will continue to walking in the parks and on the wonterful Roman streets and take beautiful photos. The trees are changing color and the air is much fresher.

The streets of Rome get dotted with yellow and red leaves and city becomes breathtaking autumn colored landscape.

My other favorite thing is eating chestnusts. Spring- Summer is an ice cream season  and Autumn – Winter is an chestnut season. You will find them almost on every street corners.

Whether you want to escape the autumn or you want to visit this wonderful city, there are plenty of reasons to visit Rome in the autumn. It does not matter if you travel alone, with partner or family. I highly recommend you to visit Rome in autumn.

Where are you from? How is weather in autumn in your country? Let me know below