Hello Angels,

I love versatile clothes. Especially in autumn. Early mornings are chilly and afternoons are hot. When unpredictable climates arrive,  transitional wardrobe is essential.

I love versatile clothes. They are saver in unpredictable weather and nice investment for a capsule wardrobe. Having pieces that can be worn different ways gives you tons of options for outfit and styling.

There are so many woman and they don’t have a time for shopping and styling. Versatile clothes make you save some time and make you creative.

Today, I would like to write about my favorite versatile clothes.   I hope you love the clothes I recommend.

Trench Coat

It is an amazing garment for the unpredictable autumn weaher. You can wear it with your floral summer dresses.

Shirt Dress

It is easy and stylish piece can be worn as a top, layer or dress.

An A Line Skirt

This ladylike shape is more versatile than other skirts. You can wear it all year long with some styling hacks. You can pair it with classic T-Shirt or a jumper. You can complete your look with boots or sandals.

Leather Jacket

You can wear it almost everything. No matter which fabric and cut you choose, leather jacket adds magnificent look.

The Scarf

I recommend you the blanket ones. You can wear it as a top, tied into bag as a accessories and If you don’t prefer to use airline’s blanket, you can use your scarf as a blanket.

The Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit is very easy to wear. You can complete your look with minimal effort. Especially it is comfortable when travelling. You can wear it with sneakers or heels. You can layer it for chilly weather.

The Striped Top

Striped top is timeless. It add a little bot of pattern while still remaining neutral. A black and white is a perfect option for every look.

What is your autumn versatile piece? Let me know below

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