Hello Angels,

Growing up, I always had a best relationship with physical activity. My mother always made me try new physical activity.

When I was very little, I went to the swimming course later my mother took me to the ballet class. I didn’t have the best relationship with ballet and I didn’t continue the lessons. Instead I started to play tennis.

Especially recent years, I am into more healthy lifestyle and physical activity. I love to research and learn new things about food and sport.

Gyms were suspended for months in Italy and I had a opportunity discover different workout types and fitness channels on Youtube.

I tried almost every type of class such as yoga, pilates, etc in my life and I quited a few months later. Because I was not a flexibly people until this year and these classes were very difficult for me. I only loved reformer pilates so much but class time didn’t suitable for me so I also quited this class.

Pandemic restrictions helped me to try new workout styles at home. This time I decided to add workout training such as barre, ballerina and strecthing with yoga elements.

Honestly, I wanted to quit but this time I was very determined and I continued. I really love to add ballerina training ( especially when I discovered healthy benefits).

The best thing about ballet training is no matter who you are, you can start adult ballet classes whenever you want. If you are not sure about yourself, first you can try at home. There are so many amazing ballet trainings on Youtube. Why you should add ballet training into your workout routine? I would like to share health benefits of ballet.

  • Strength

Ballet is not just a cardio. Regular practices give you strenght and tones muscles.

  • Improves flexibility

  • Improves Posture

  • Improves Energy

  • Boosts Confidence

  • Burns calories

  • Improves breathing

  • Great exercise for mindfulness

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