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Barbie fashion doll is in our life since 1959. She is a fashion icon and can do anything she wants – whether she is a doctor, flight attendent or fashion designer.

Throught the years, designers and stylists inspired by the childhood doll.

Since the 1980s, Barbie branded products included not only the range of dolls but also range of branded goods such as movies, cosmetics and video games.

For example, Oscar de la Renta designed a fashion collection for Barbie, which included a metallc jewel tone outfits.

Barbie fashion made a comeback in 2022 with the photos of Margot Robbie in the role of the iconic Barbie doll were captured on set in June. Behind the scenes pictures, Robbie neon outfit

‘Barbiecore’ trend is all about shades of pink such as bubblegum, hot pink and fuschia. It references the world of Barbie which is girly and chic.

Barbiecore fashion elements are classic and fashionable which includes minidresses, shorts in bright colors and sparkle.

Barbie doll symbol of brave woman who can do and be anything she wants also wears anything she wants. Her fashion choice includes platform shoes and sporty look.

Celebrities have been wearing hot pink color since the beginning of 2022.

You can opt monochromatic look from outfit to accessories or combine with the colors like white.

Barbiecore is not only fashion trend but also beauty trend. Pink shades are one of the most popular hair colors and highlights.

Barbie makeup trend includes glowy pink and  Draping technique which is also know as cheek conturing. This makeup style enchafes the natural beauty of the face. You should apply cream blush under the eye area and cheekbones.

Pink is always associated with spring and summer. It is a color of romance and optimisim. For this reason, Barbiecore trend is not something temporary. You can include this trend in your wardrobe and beauty routine whenever you want.

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