Hello Angels,

Personally, there is no greater feeling than noticing how much I have been crushing my workouts.I love to discover new exercises.

I have heard barre classes but I was never insterested in. I tried pilates and yoga and nowadays I am interested in Barre workouts. It is a balled inspired class. When I was little, I used to go to ballet course but honestly I never liked it. Ballet wants disipline and my ballet teacher was very rough. I wasn’t flexible enough and I didn’t continue to go to the course.

When I was at university, I started to go to gym and take yoga and pilates lessons. I also didn’t like it because everyone was very flexible but I wasn’t flexible even for a little bit. When I was looking the other people, I was feeling bad. I was thinking that you have to be born flexible. Later, thanks to my yoga teacher I figured out that yes, some people are naturally more flexible than others but that doesn’t mean that I will never be like them. Flexibility needs work and determination is key for this.

Taking a barre class is certainly be intimidating for me but I started to try a few exercises. I did a lot of research about barre workouts and I would like to share with you.

The barre method uses your own body weight for focus and resistance. It helps to strenghten of core muscles and create an appearance of an lean body. You only need a mat and mounted bar.

Benefits of Barre

Improve Strength

Barre is effective way to build muscle.


The combination of stretching and the focus on posture make you more flexible.

Calorie Burn

If you work out frequently, you may heard the term afterburn effect. It means your body is capable of burning calories even after the work out. Resistance exercises such as yoga and barre can produce this effect.

According to researches, resistance exercises can increase metabolism for up to two days.

Strengthening the Stomach Muscles and Glutes

Barre training focuses on balance and strengths your core is a part of training. As you use the abdominals in a correct alignment, barre classes will give you perfect heavy core workout.

It is also amazing for strengthening the glutes. It helps to strenghten all the muscles.

Better Posture

A good posture is always important for a lady. Thanks to barre, you can obtain good posture and elongate body.

What do you think about barre? Have you ever been in barre class?

Let me know your thoughts

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