The summer you have been looking forward to has arrived and it is time to go to beach and pool sides. Before you go to beach or poolside, it is important to remember the items you need to put in your beach bag.

A high SPF Sunscreen

A high SPF suncreen must have. If you are light skinned, I strongly recommend using a 50 factor sunscreen. I recommend you to renew your sun cream as you go in and out of the sea.

You can try Alba Botanica Hawaiian Clear Spray Sunscreen


Sunglasses are important for looking around comfortably and protecting your eyes from sun rays.I recommend to use an old sunglasses because there will be suncreen, salt and sand on the beach. If your sunglasses have dark glass you are lucky because it will neutralize the sun even more.

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Oversized Beach Hat

Keeping a hat in your bag is a rule when it comes to the sub protection. Oversized beach hat can protect your scalp, face and neck.

You can get Asos’ Chase The Sun’ Straw Oversized Floppy Hat

Beach Towels

Beach towels are among the must have items.

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Sunscreen Lip Balm

Your lips also need suncreen too. Salt may dry your lips out that’s why you should refrecs your lip balm all the time.

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Hydration is key while spending your all day in the sun. Keep your water cold with and S’well water bottle.

Maxi Dress

Happy hour at the beach?

Condense your packing list with this Hawaii maxi dress.

Hair Oil

Hair needs protection from sun exposure. You can try Ouai hair oil which nourishes hair and protects the color.