If you have a skin care routine daily, traveling may be difficult. Because all the products get heavy. I would like to share my favorite beauty essentials  and tips to keep you fresh and looking great.

  • Beauty Essentials

I love make up and skin care products so much. Every morning and every night I have a skin care routine and I hate to skip this routine. When I travel, I always pack;

  • A Good Moisturizer For Face And Eyes

A high quality of moisturizer for face and eyes are an essential for a healthy skin.

I love Sephora containers for liquids. These containers don’t leak and make it easy to carry your liquid products such as almond oil.

  • Make up Remover

My favorite make up removers are Bioderma Micellar Water and Garnier cleansing water. I buy biggest bottle of these, that’s why I put into the plastic containers for carry on the airplane.

  • Almond Oil

I use almond oil for my eyelashes. Because when you use mascara, your eyelashes become sensitive and dry. With almond oil, you can moisturize your eyelashes.

  • Cotton Wand

I always carry cotton wand for apply almond oil on my eyelashes and fix my eyeliner.

I love Sephora’s sheet face masks so much. It makes me feel fresh and beautiful also It is a nice treatment for face and eyes.

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