If you have a skin care routine daily, traveling may be difficult. Because all the products get heavy. I would like to share my favorite beauty essentials  and tips to keep you fresh and looking great.

Beauty Essentials

I love make up and skin care products so much. Every morning and every night I have a skin care routine and I hate to skip this routine. When I travel, I always pack;

A Good Moisturizer For Face And Eyes

I am using Body Shop’s face cream now and Nuxe for my eyes. Every time I change my moisturizer because I love to try new products. I loved Body Shop’s and Nuxe’s products.

Plastic Containers ( Because you can’t carry too much liquid on airplane)

I love Sephora containers for liquids. These containers don’t leak and make it easy to carry your liquid products such as almond oil.

Make up Remover

My favorite make up removers are Bioderma Micellar Water and Garnier cleansing water. I buy biggest bottle of these, that’s why I put into the plastic containers for carry on the airplane.

Almond Oil

I use almond oil for my eyelashes. Because when you use mascara, your eyelashes become sensitive and dry. With almond oil, you can moisturize your eyelashes.

Cotton Wand

I always carry cotton wand for apply almond oil on my eyelashes and fix my eyeliner.

Face Masks

I love Sephora’s sheet face masks so much. It makes me feel fresh and beautiful also It is a nice treatment for face and eyes.

Make Up And Hair Essentials

I would like to share my make up and hair essentials next week 🙂