Parisian beauty has been chased for centuries. Beauty is part of their culture and there are a lot of things to learn from them.

French women and girls take their skincare seriously. It is not a luxury or a little bit of pampering for them, It is a part of their life. No matther how many products needed or no matter how long does it takes.

French women’s beauty secrets reminds me of Italian women’s beauty secrets. Of course there are some differences but more or less similar. You can check it out my Itallian women’s beauty secret post for compare.

In this post, I would like to share Parisian beauty tricks.

They drink a glass of wine every day.

French women seem to have it all figured out because they can drink a glass of red wine every day while maintaining their health.

Wine has remarkable anti aging and health benefits. It is an anti-inflammatory can slow the growth of bacteria and your circulation ( glow) is improved.

Prioritize skin care

In France skin care is more important than makeup. Parisians put their money into skin care products rather than on foundations or contours.

The most important thing is beauty routines are rituals for them because beauty is something to bring you pleasure not pain.

They find which ritual and products work best and stick with it for life.

They walk everywhere

French people walk everywhere they can. They eat what they want and drink what they want without feeling guilty because walking is a daily routine for them.

French women makeup is simple and subtle

French women makeup goal is highlight certain features while proving that you are comfortable in your own skin.

Their makeup routine is minimal which are mascara, lipstick and perfect skin.

French women have only one beauty statement no makeup, smoky eyes or bold, intense red lipstick. They do one beauty statement and keeping the redst of look super natural.

They enjoy food

The Parisian beauty starts at the market because they buy fresh vegetables and fruits which is basis of a healthy and glowing skin. They take time to enjoy food and eat the best quality they can get.