When It comes to beauty, Cleopatra is the first woman that comes to our mind. The Greek origin, Egyptian queen is known as beautiful and seductive.

She is the one of the most famous person in antique times. For centuries people have admired her talents, her look and her beauty. She intrigued many men who turned heads off many men at that time. I am sure that many women wonders her secrets.

What was her beauty secret? How could she be so seductive and seduce many men?

According to researches, she was not only seductive but she was very inteligent woman. She could speak multiple languages and could play instruments. She was able to seduce only with her eyes. Obviously, she was very confident and she knew to use her energy. Also she knew to use beauty tricks of her time.

Luckily, her beauty tricks have researched and documented which is possible for women to create the same seductive beauty. Her beauty tricks are very affordable and we can prepare ourselves.

Here are some her beauty tricks;

Rose Water Facial Toner

The beautiful queen loved to use rose water which makes skin smooth. You can wipe your face with rose water in the morning and evening. I use rose water like her and the result is really amazing. You obtain glowing skin.

Especially hot summer days, you can put rose water in a spray bottle and keep it refrigerate. When you are outside, you can spray it on your face.

Milk Bath

It is the most famous beauty trick of her, milk and honey bath. Add two cups of milk, half a cup of honey and 4 tablespoon of olive or almond oil to your bath water and soak yourself in this beauty potion.

This magical ingredients will soften your skin and exfoliate naturally.

Body Scrub

She loved to scrub her body with sea salt for better results of the milk and honey bath. For preparing  new 2 tablespoon of sea salt and olive oil. It will moisturize and skin and exfoliate.

White Clay

This natural mask provides a toning and lifting effect in your skin. You need 2 tablespoon of white clay, one tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon olive oil and 2 tablespoon of milk. Mix all ingredients and appy this on your face. Don’t leave the clay on longer than 10 minutes because it can cause drying for your skin.

Oatmeal Cleansing

Oatmeal is known as moisturazing and nourishing. Add oats with warm water and wait until oats get soft and massage it over your skin.

Celery And Cucumber

Cleopatra used a mix of cucumber and celery to keep her eyes looking good and healthy.

Red Ochre

It is a natural pigment which Cleopatra used for lipstick and cheek. It is mixed with water.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Even today is highly popular which maintains the pH of the skin and promotes blood circulation. Cleopatra used as a toner.

Essential Oil

In ancient times, there was no cosmetic industry that’s why Cleopatra was using essential oils. Such as;

Moringa: For wrinkle free skin)

Neroli: For uplifting the mood.

Black Cumin Seed: For hair growth

Basil: For acne free

Fenugreek: For young and blemish free skin. It transform older women to younger ones.