While trying to make perfect eyeliner and adapting  the eyeshadow colors to our lipstick, no makeup makeup trend entered our lives.

In fact, you don’t have to use minimum products for nude makeup. You can make perfect nude makeup both day and night with the right products.

This simple makeup trend is just like you have just come from a holiday and you get a natural light.

The main secret is to use produts which are suitable to your skin color.

Instead of covering full foundation all your face, you can eliminate inequalitiy look with concealer. If you have natural redness or freckles, show it instad of covering it. After all this is a natural makeup.

The main purpose of no makeup makeup is that your makeup looks the same as your skin. Gocus on where you want to cover, rather than applying makeup to your entire face. Applying concealer, highligter and powder with your fingertips is the one of the principles of this trend.

As mentioned earlier, nude makeup does contain a lot products (at least seven products). You should use light texture foundation, highligter, trasparent mascara, lipstick and eyebrow pencil.

You don’t have to use pale colors for your lips. You can complete your nude makeup with shades which are lose your lip color or lip glows. One of the main point is you should pay attention to when you buy lipstick because generally nude tone lipsticks are too browny. Instead of dark nude lipstick colors, you can add peach shades.

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