Hello Angels,

Do you feel overwhelmed by the quantitiy of work you have to do? Do you miss deadlines?

One of the tools for time management is that list of things you have to get done.

When I was at high school, my school was pushing me have an agenda. Honestly, that years I didn’t care. I wasn’t conscious to understand importance of time management.

When I started to my own business, I understood how important to have an agenda and write daily to do list.

We all have some days busy than others. There are million things to do and we don’t know where to start and get it all done. It is very easy to become overwhemed by the many tasks that we must do from day to day. It is very easy to lose track of some loose ends and forget to do things.

Now, I love To Do lists so much. I can definitely say that on the days when I am being more creative and productive. When you work from home, sometimes it is difficult to concentrate to work. Especially if your job is about being creative, it is more difficult to concentrate and design new things.

How to prepare a To Do List?

Step 1

Write down all of the tasks that you have to complete. If they are large tasks, break out step to step.

Step 2

Priorities from very important to unimportant.

If there are so many important tasks, run through the list again and demote the less important ones.

Benefits of a To Do List

Less Stress

When you see your tasks getting done and that you are moving forward efficiently, it makes you feel productive and allow you to relax more. More task is getting done and you can take a well deserved break.

Better Time Management

Personally, keeping to do list helped me be better with my time. There was a time when every week I would look back and wonder what did i do over all week long.

I bought myself an agenda and started to organize my professional life and personal life.

In past, I was setting very ambitious goals and I was pushing myself so hard. It was very stressful for me.

Now, I break goals into step and step. I am very productive now and I really enjoy it.


When you write your to do list, it gives you a one view of all that you have to be done. You can prioritize in two ways. You can either choose to start with the difficult one and give a sense of accomplishment making it easirt to go about smllar tasks after that or you can start with the easy ones so as to get pleasure of striking out some of the tasks on your list.

Do you have To Do List? What do you think about To Do List?

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