Hello Angels,

I have been interested in puzzles since last month. I had a few puzzles from recent years. From Disney to Italy puzzles, I started to make a huge puzzle collection. I love to add new puzzles into my collection. Every night before I go bed, I prefer to grab my herbal tea and do some puzzles. It is a relaxing  and healthy activity.

Whether your puzzle choice is 3D or 1000 piece jigsaw, all puzzles are good for our brain.

As you know me I love to learn new things that’s why I made some research about benefits of puzzles. I learned really interesting things. In today’s post, I would like to share them.

  • Improve visualization

To complete the puzzle, we work on many pieces in different colors and shape and try to place them in a larger image. Doing this exercise boost our visualization and help us to see small details.

  • Reduce stress

When we concentrate on puzzles, we concentrate on only one task and it encrourages our brain dive into a meditative state.

  • Improve IQ score

Puzzles improve our concentration and memory that’s why they automatically improves IQ.

  • Exercise both sides of our brain

The right side of our brain controls creativity and left side controls logical thinking. When we are working on puzzles, our both sides of brain work.

  • Improve memory

Working on puzzles reinforce brain cells and form new ones. When we do puzzles, we use our memory to remember sizes, pieces and shapes to figure out where they fit.

  • Family activity

Puzzles are lovely excuse to gather with a family/friends and do something together.

Do you love puzzles? Which type of do you prefer, 3D, 1000 piece, etc? Let me know it below

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