Hello Angels,

After the pandemic, I started to spend more time in nature and I liked it very much. I was visiting parks only for walk but these days, I like sitting on the ground without shoes and observing environment without headphone and cell phone.

I heard benefits of earthing but frankly, I did not believe it until last week.

Last week, I was stressed and I went to park with my mother. We sat on the ground. My mother encouraged me to take off my shoes and feel the ground. I did it and I started to play with the ground. 10 minutes later, I started to feel better. We remained there around 40 minutes. When I returned to home, my stress was diseppeared.

Earthing or grounding is a bare skin contact with the earth. It neutralizes and balances of electrons

We may acquire excess of positive electons because of many reasons and we need to  balance the elections. For this reason, earthing should be part of our daily routine.  Earth and water are the main grounding elements.

According to researches, earthing has many benefits and we should be grounded at least 30 minutes each day.

The traditional earthing types are;

  • Walking bare feet on the grass

  • Swimming

  • Gardening without shoes

  • Shower

If the season is not available or living far away from parks, gardens, etc. you can opt indoor earthing products.

  • Indoor earthing products are;

  • Earthing bed and sheets

  • Earthing mats

  • Earthing bands

Some of the benefits of earthing are;

  • Healing abilities

  • Promotes calmness

  • Helps you sleep

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Increases energy

  • Improved immune system

Do you believe benefits of earthing? What is your favorite earthing activity? Let me know it below

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