Hello Angels,

I exercise for years but I understood importance of stretching and flexibility this year. I tried yoga, pilates and stretching many times and I quited. Because I wasn’t flexibile and doing these exercises were making me exhausted. My oga and pilates instructers told me you can be flexibile, you only need some practice but I am not a patient person and I didn’t continue to do any of these.

My gym is suspended for months due to pandemic. That’s why I had a opportunity to research everything about workout and discover new exercises. When I do research, I read importance of stretching and flexibility in many places.

Stretcthing our body to become more flexible has many physical benefits. I stretch my body after work out 5 to 15 minutes and I started to feel better. There are many exercises for flexibility. My favorite  type is stretching with yoga elements. There are so many videos on Youtube. I am sure that you can find stretching videos you can love and try. In today’s post, I would like to talk about benefits of flexibility.

  • Improved balance and posture

When we focus on increasing flexibility, our posture improved. Working out helps to our body correct any imbalances.

  • Improved physical performance

When you increase your flexibility, you will able to perform better physically because your muscles will be able to work effectively.

  • Mental Relaxation

Regularly stretch routine brings feeling of relaxation and focus. When our feels better, our state of mind relaxes.

  • Increases strength

When you increase strength, your muscles will be stonger and they can allow you to do movements easily.

  • Prevent injuries

When you increase strength and flexibilirt, you will be capable of withstanding more physical stress. When your muscles flexible enough, it causes tension around your muscles to stiffen. This can cause sprains even ruptures.

What is your favorite stretching type? Yoga, pilates or classic stretching exercises? Let me know below

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