Hello Angels,

‘Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.’  Lutger Burbank

Flowers are gift of nature. I love them and I buy every week for my home. When I don’t have flowers at home, I am feeling like something missing. They are beautiful, make a great gift and make people happy. Even science proved that.

You give flowers to people you care but why don’t you treat yourself like you treat them?

Most of people clean, tidy up and add some flowers to welcome when their family or friends visit them. It is time to make some changes. Do something nice for yourself and buy fresh flowers. I assure that this small step instantly make you feel happy.

In today’s post, I would like to share benefits of having fresh flowers at home.

  • Brighten up your mood and a room

Brighter colors give us energy such as red and purple. They really pump feelings up.

Put flowers where you spend the most time in. Some people prefer on their nightstand but I prefer them on my desk. Because it motives me design new things and work on my website.

  • Boost your memory

According to researches, flowers unexpectedly have positive impact on our memory. Because flowers fragnat and the smell them are strongly linked iwth memories. They have the potential to activate the parts of our brain associated with memory.

  • Reduce stress

Flowers scent make you feel better faster. Flowers such as lavender or even a fresh spring of rosemary help with headaches and stress.

You can pick any type you wany. The type of flower is depend on your personal taste. Every flower has different mean to each person for personal reasons. Orchid may remind you of your boyfriend but it means something totally different for someone else. Always pick something brings good memories.

What is your favorite flower? How often buy them? Let me know it below

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