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Pomegranates are very popular food and have diverse cultural significance. They are symbol of power, beauty and fertility. The Ancient Greeks associated it with the goddess Aphrodite, Demeter, Athena and Persephone.

In the Middle Ages, pomegranates considered as an aphrodisiac.

Ancient Persians recognized them as a medicinal properties. They proved scientifically healthy and used as medicine.

In Turkish culture, pomegranates known as super food. It is also seen as a symbol of abundance, health, prosperity and fertility. The fruit is thrown on the doorstep of homes on December 31st to welcome to New Year with prosperity and abundance.

All my childhood, my grandmother told me numerous times about health benefits of pomegranates. I always knew that pomegranates are very healthy but I wasn’t eating them until a few years ago. When I research health pomegranates, I realize more why I should be eating.

In today’s post, I would like to share some health benefits of pomefranates.

  • Anti-imflammatory

Eating pomegranate has anti inflammatory effect and can protect your body from various diseases.

  • Antioxidants

Pomegrates contain huge level of antioxidants which can help reduce inflammation and  protect cells from damage.

  • Digestion

Pomegranate can improve digestion and gut health.

  • Vitamin rich

Pomegranate contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E. It is also a source of potassium and folate.

  • Improve memory

Eating pomegranates may improve memory and learning.

  • Reduce soreness

Pomegranates are good also athletes. It help to reduce soreness and improve strenght recovery.

Pomegranates are delicious for me. If you don’t like to eat them so much, you can decorate your salad, yogurt or food with pomegranates or try out some recipes.

Here are my favorite recipes with pomegranates

Do you like pomegranates? What is your favorite recipe with pomegranates? Let me know it below

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