Hello Angels,

I used resistance band for the first time in quarantine (when gyms suspended) last year. I can assure that it perfect for working in a tiny space.

Before I used them, I was a little bit skeptical because I was lifting weights in gym and first time I used my body weight and resistance band in my workout. Lifting weight seems more effective to us. I was thinking that workout without heavy weight can not be effective on my body. I came to a conclusion that the benefits of resistance band is  very solid.

It is a great alternative to gym equipment. Resistance bands come in different resistances. You can take your resistance band any place you want and exercise. If you don’t know which exercises you can do, you can check Youtube.

In today’s post I would like to share benefits of resistance band

  • An alternative to gym machines

Gym machines are great to learn the general movements and target specific muscles. You can also add weight when you use them. However,

Resistance band is perfect if you want to train at home and build a muscle. You don’t need to fill your home with a lot of gym equipment.

  • Perfect for compound exercises

Resistance bands make several muscles work at the same time. They help to have a really efficient workout.

  • Muscle building

When you use resistance band, your muscles are contracting against the band and your muscles are working hard in order to grow. If you find that the weight is becoming easier, increase the tension by using a thicker resistance band.

  • Improves strength

Power resistance bands are extremely effective for strenght.

When you use resistance band, you have to concentrate and control your movements to be sure to maintain the tension on the band rather then letting it snap back. This improves your strenght, balance and form.

  • Fat loss

Resistance training is good for fat loss because you use a lot of energy during your workout. Strenght and energy required when performing this type of training.

One of the equipment to use in resistance training is band which increases metabolism and make you lose fat faster.

According to researches, your body continue to burning calories after resistance band workout.

Do you prefer to use resistance or weights? Let me know it below

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