Hello Angels,

One of my night routine is read a book before I sleep. Reading a book is an essential for me. According to an article I read, once a week members of a book club in New Zeland, come to a cafe, grab a drink and switch off their cellphones. Then read in silence for an hour.

This book club is different than others because they don’t gather discuss about literature but stay away from eletronic devices and read non stop. The group calls itself the Slow Reading Club.

We are living in a fast world. Doing everyting fast is considered a talent but some things are more useful when done slowly including reading a book.

I love to read a book and two years ago I prepared a list of books to read for that year. When you love to read a book, you prefer to read as much as possible.

I consider myself a fast reader and I was thinking it is a good thing until this year. Yes, there are many cool things about being a fast reader but also it has disadvantages. For example, when you read slowly you surround yourself in that moment, you dive into a text and start to enjoy. But when you read fast, it is difficult to understand and retain knowledge on finer points of the book.

Some of the benefits of slow reading are;

  • Improves concentration

  • Reduce stress levels

  • Slow rate of memory loss

  • Deepens ability to think

  • Enriches vocabulary

  • You absorb new informations effectively.

  • How do you practice slow reading?

  • Switch off your eletronic devices

  • Find a comfortable place to read.

  • Don’ try to read faster. Avoid goals such as setting an amount of pages. Be consistent, thats all.

When you read a book, create a place with no distractions. Switch off your phone and start to read. Dedicate at least 30 minutes to reading.

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