Hello Angels,

For some people, spa represents ‘get away’ for a few hours. I love spa but I am not a huge fan of it. I have an easy access maybe that’s why I don’t care so much. When you have an easy access to something, It doesn’t become special to you anymore.

My father has spas in Kuşadası, Turkey and when I visit him, I always go to hammam. His spas offers services such as sauna, full body peeling, scrub in hammam, foam bath and massage.

One of the best thing about my father’s spas are I can mix up the packages and create a special beauty package for me.

One of his spa has vip hammam and room for relax. I prefer to go there.

He has Cleopatra package which includes sauna, hammam, body peeling and scrub, massage and face mask. I love this package but I exclude massage.

Spa is one of the perfect place to indulge yourself. Our body needs an attention and care and spa is perfect place for relax, recharge and detox.

In my opinion, end of the summer and winter time, spa treatments are an essential for our body and soul.

 End of summer, our skin needs more care because of the hot weather and strong sun rays. Also many people feel sad because of the end of vacation and summer season which is perfect also for mind and soul.

In winter time, freezing weather make our skin and hair dry that’s why our body needs an extra care.

Everyday spa concept changes. They are more creative than ever. Some of them give nutritional advice according to your lifestyle.

In today’s post, ı would like to share benefits of spa.

  • Helps calm your mind

A spa visit is one of the best way to de-stress. No matter the treatment, when you enter the spa you will feel relaxed because you give yourself a ‘me’ time.

  • Improves sleep

Stress is the biggest cause of sleep problem. Taking care of your skin will naturally make you feel better and it will naturally improve your sleep.

  • More radiant skin

In taking care of your skin with treatments, will naturally give you glow. Because these treatment reduce wrinkles, nurture your skin and minimize acne. Taking care of your skin, also slows the aging.

  • Improves Circulation

One of the reason of cellulite is circulation problem. When you have improve circulation, your celluties will be minimized or even eliminated.

Do you love spa? If you love, what is your favorite treatment? Let me know it below

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