Hello Angels,

Colors play huge role in our lives even we don’t realize it. There have been many researches about color psychology since its discovery.

Red color symbolizes passion, love, confidence and power. It is considered the most sexy and contradictory of the colors.

According to studies, red provokes the strongest emotions of any color.

According to an another study, people who wears red feel more attractive and sexy.

Every color represents emotions and they subconsciously forward messages.

Most of time red brings an attention. For this reason when an insecure person wears red, may feel even worse There is a possiblity that  insecure person can boost its confidence by wearing red.

Scientific studies prove that benefits of  implementing red color into our everyday outfits.

If you have a low confidence or have a low energy, you can start to add some red in your wardrobe. If you are feeling insecure when you wear red, you can start with small steps. For example, you can star to wear red handbag, headband, shoes, lipstick, etc.

Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of red color and I didn’t add red outfits into my wardrobe until university.

I love to wear red for years and makes me feel good.

On my online store, red clothes are sold motre that other colors. Sometimes, I sell a few colors of the same dress and the red one is sold first.

I would like to share benefits of wearing red.

Red associated with power and love. For this reason, red subconsciously boosts confidence  and influence the perceptions of the people.

Studies proved that physical effects of wearing red. Such as;

  • Increases metabolism

  • Increases heart rate and respiration rate

  • Gives an energy

Red is an intense color which is also associated with competion and probability of winning. Wearing red boosts motivation that’s why many women in business area add something red into their wardrobe.

Do you like to wear red outfits? When you wear them, how do you feel? Let me know it below

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