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Accessories are as important as outfit. One small accessory can change your look completely. The French beret is one of the popular accessory. Despite its rich history in fashion, it is difficult to look horrible in this lovely accessory because it is very easy to combine with clothes.

Berets are popular for decades but many women avoid to wear it because of the common fear as a fashion cliche or looking like a French wannabe.

According to reports, beret search increased after Emily in Paris came into our lives in October 2020.

I love hats but I don’t prefer to wear them. I have many hats at home but I wore them only a few times. Anyone who doesn’t wear hats like me will understand the power of a berret. While bucket hats, beanies are popular, berets are more practical and flattering no matter your head shape or hairstyle.

A beret is often made of soft, often woolen material. Traditionally, they are in blacki red or navy tones but recent years, brands made in different textures and colors.

One of the beret’s most notable fashion moments are Alicia Siverstone in Clueless and Julia Roberts in Nothing Hill.

How to wear beret and look stylish?

A beret is a more casual style that can be worn in many ways. Here are the some style tips;

  • You can opt beret with maxi dress and boots.

  • You can wear a ponytail and beret.

  • You can also wear it with pants and top.

  • Another trendy way to wear a beret is a sweater and jeans.

  • Beret hat with long coat and boots are an another stylish combination.

  • In Fall and Spring time you can opt beret with denim jacket and dress.

  • Beret hat with leather jacket and white t-shirt is also a chic option.

  • Beret with coat and white blouse is a lovely look.

Do you like beret? If you love, how do you style them? Let me know it below

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