Hello Angels,

I love food so much. I love to try new restaurants and dishes. Unfortunately, I can’t everything I want because I have a gluten allergy. Unfortunately, some of my favorite restaurants don’t have a gluten free dishes and I have to pick something else when I go to them which is difficult for me.

One of my favorite dish is Cacio e Pepe ( cheese and pepper). This is a simple and authentic Italian pasta recipe and can be prepared in a few minutes. As I mentioned above, I have a gluten allergy and I can eat cacio e pepe only in a few restaurants.

As you know me, I love to cook so much. When I want to eat pasta or pizza, I cook for myself. I love to try new recipes and I discovered delicious cacio  e pepe recipes in many different ways.

In today’s post, I would like to share my favorite cacio e pepe recipes.

This is especially perfect for people who prefer something low calorie.

You need only 4 ingredient

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